Monday, 31 December 2012

Twenty Twelve

I started last year with the resolution to wind up my blog, but instead it exploded all over the place. Since then I've been to Paris fashion week twice (and become a regular at my favourite Mama Shelter), toasted the launch of Spicebomb with Viktor & Rolf, explored the stock sales of Antwerp, and eaten in every delicious restaurant London has to offer. I attended the Olympics, avoided the riots and tried my first proper Gay Pride.  I've shorn my gorgeous long locks, moved house and countries, and made countless new friends thanks to the internet. I've been lucky enough to be featured in magazines and by my favourite stores, and have branched out into more and more social media outlets. All the while I've written the majority of my DPhil thesis (final draft in the offing!), presented my work at a Gordon Conference in the US and been subjected to the political world of the peer-review process...

What will 2013 hold for Duck? Well, that thesis should be submitted within the next month or so. And then there's finding a job. And fashion week. Oh, and we've booked the Eurovision Song Contest already...  See you next year!


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