Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I was on the elliptical the other day trying to decide which of the muscle daddies I was going to show a bit of ankle in the locker room when it suddenly struck me, "GAWD, I haven't done my annual festive cheer post yet!".  Add to this the incessant demands for more in the At home with Duck series (well, one), and I just had to get on the case.  And what better time than now to break out the festive fish?  This time provided by the kind folks of Weston scarves.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break — I'll probably be working on the big day itself as per the last nine years of my life — and put on at least twenty pounds so Stasie feels better about herself. Locker room sex: B-.  Christmas cheer: A+. 

Lewk One: jumper by Christopher Shannon, necklace by Tina Lilienthal, trousers by Topman, socks by M&S.

Lewk Two: tinsel headband by John Rocha, t-shirt by Miharayasuhiro, trousers by Topman.

Lewk Three: t-shirt by Qasimi Homme, trousers by Topman, festive fish by Weston

Merry Christmas, bitches. 


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